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MiNawe specialises in cleaning solutions for mines, factories, change houses, offices, warehouses and industrial laundry needs of the mining, hospitality and corporate industries. We offer cleaning services that are uniquely designed to suit your company’s specific needs as we focus on key elements of communication and client satisfaction. Our aim is to keep our staff motivated through on-job-training, and to consider our customers’ well-being by adhering to health and safety requirements, as well as taking care of their maintenance and cleaning requirements.

You can focus on your business while we get on with what we do best:
• Services are designed to your specific requirements
• Training and on-the-job training is provided to keep staff motivated
• Trained health and safety representatives on-site for your peace of mind
• Annual medical and safety induction with full PPE
• Floor maintenance/window cleaning, washing and maintaining of carpets/hygiene requirements

We provide services in the following:
• Mines – Day-to-day contract cleaning
• Factories – Day-to-day contract cleaning
• Shopping Centre cleaning (commercial & retail)
• Strip & seal of floors (vinyl, pvc, stone, porcelain, terrazzo, granite, marble, elastic, etc.)
• Handover cleaning of buildings
• Adhoc cleaning of houses/buildings
• Washing of carpets, sofas and office chairs
• Window cleaning
• Specialised cleaning (high access cleaning)
• Tea ladies
• Office cleaning
• Clinic & health cleaning
• Deep cleaning of change houses
• Deep cleaning in restaurant kitchens
• Cleaning services on-site
• Change houses (managing & service)



MiNawe takes care of all industrial laundry needs of the mining, hospitality and corporate industries.

MiNawe is currently managing all laundries with trained personnel on all our contract sites and provide
the managing of all contractors overalls that are handed in and the issuing of clean overalls.

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