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At MiNawe we focus on taking care of our client’s unique hygiene needs. We have developed a system where we combine our hygiene service with our cleaning service. We also give you the option to hire or purchase products from our dispenser range to ensure that all your hygiene requirements are met.

• Air freshener and deodorised units
• Liquid foam or soap dispensers
• Paper towel dispensers
• P-mats/ Urinal mats
• Refuse bags
• Sanitary bins “She-bins”
• Toilet roll dispensers
• Toilet seat wipes
• Urinal sanitary units
• Wall-mounted waste bins
• Warm-air hand driers


Disinfectant Mist

In these uncertain times we offer services to assist in the fight against the spreading the Covid-19 virus. Minawe can now disinfect your work areas with a sanitising mist. This mist can be used to disinfect high public traffic areas.

Areas where disinfecting mist can be used:

  • Schools – Classrooms, Walk ways & Bathrooms
  • Businesses – Entry ways, offices, Boardrooms, Bathrooms & Stock
  • Retail shops – Entry ways. Trolleys, Stock, Counters & Tills
  • Mines & Factories – Access points, Change houses, Boardrooms, Walk ways & Bathrooms
  • Municipalities – Access points, Counters, Public Bathrooms, Offices.

Call us for a quote, together we can fight the spread of the Covid 19 Virus.

Remember to regularly disinfect your work area to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Deep Cleaning

In the commercial cleaning business, a deep clean can be described as a hygiene clean; this entails a thorough cleansing that specifically incudes a complete degreasing, disinfecting and de-odourising of the site. This type of cleansing is primarily designed for businesses that are required to meet certain hygienic or sanitary standards, such as:

  • restaurants
  • catering businesses
  • factories
  • commercial businesses
  • mines
  • industrial sites

A deep clean involves the following services: washing, scrubbing and scouring of walls, floors, fixtures and furniture with suitable agents to eliminate both visible stains and invisible bacteria.

Photos after a Deep clean of a change house.










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