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Your landscape is the client’s first impression of your business and therefore reflects directly on your company’s professionalism and effeciency. This is why MiNawe will ensure that your premises are welcoming and attractive. We have been providing exceptional services to a wide range of commercial and mining industries for over ten years, including large office parks, retail shopping centres, industrial premises and mine entrances. MiNawe is known for completing projects on time, on budget and even ahead of schedule. Your company’s landscaping needs are our priority.

We have a track record of completing a number of projects on time, on budget and ahead of schedule.

We deliver the following commercial services:

• Plant and lay of instant lawn

• Layout of entrances with plants/rocks and features

• Layout of business gardens

• Planting of trees

• Cutting of grass on slurry dam walls

• General brush cutting

• Fertilising of lawns

• Tree pruning

• Large lawn maintenance ride-on mower

• Flower bed care

• Irrigation systems

• Ponds and water features

• Slashing of wild/field grass

• Tree felling

• Laying of paving

• Cladding

• Road Marking

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